Mark Allen, Interested Person

Thursday, 4/21/2011

I didn’t really get into this song at first, then halfway through I decided it’s the best thing I’ve listened to today. Worth a reblog just for yvynyl’s description: “It is haunting and direct and painful and smell[s] vaguely of poison”.


Daniel Knox - Ghostsong

The music of this enigmatic Chicago songwriter absolutely captivates my attention in the way Bill Callahan does. It is haunting and direct and painful and smell vaguely of poison - all in the way a good noir film leaves me.  There’s also a beautiful B&W video for this song, but I kinda want you to listen to it on your own without the implicit visual.

Look for his album Everyman for Himself on May 10th from La Société Expéditionnaire and give a listen to his recent album Disaster on his Bndcmp.